Research & Campaigning

A key part of our work  is Research & Campaigning.

What do we mean by “Research & Campaigning”?

Every year, our members Citizens Advice deal with around 60,000 issues on a range of subjects. This gives us a close understanding of the problems people are facing and we can spot where systems and policies are not working.

Here’s an example:

Mr. & Mrs A are working parents with two children. They used to receive Tax Credits but one year had an overpayment and had to pay money back. They no longer want to claim Tax Credits because of the complicated system and their fear of being overpaid again. The injustice is that a family is missing out on money they are entitled to because the system is too complicated and can result in over-payments.

What do we do nationally?

We collect the information on these issues, anonymously, and report them to national Citizens Advice who can then present cumulative evidence and recommendations for change to policy makers. Read more about current national work here.

What do we do locally?

We have recently produced an Annual Advice Trends Report which summarises the main problems people are facing. We also collect information on local issues, for example, on the closure of local Post Offices and difficulties accessing NHS dentists. Our local Research & Campaigns Group produces regular reports.

Currently, we are looking at:

  • Future-proofing for  the further roll-out of Universal Credit